3 Ways to Have a Beautiful Singing Voice.~Sanaelll


1: Breathe Deep, Breathe Fast
“Why is your voice so great?” I asked my singing teacher. She said, “If you can breathe deeper and faster, you can control your voice nicely.” I tend to breathe with my chest and shoulders moving, but it’s NOT good. My singing voice is weak and cannot last long, unstable. I sometimes sing off  key, and this makes me embarrassed.

The teacher says that is because of my weak breathing which is surprising to me, so I practiced and learned to breathe with my diaphragm and belly effectively.

First, I exhale and let all the air in my body out, then stop breathing for a few seconds. When I let the air in, my belly muscles naturally relax and I feel the air come into my body. Then again I exhale using my belly muscles. It can be easier to practice this belly breathing when you lie down on your back.

As you practice, you can inhale more air than before, and also can exhale faster or longer using your belly muscles. I’m sure you will feel your voice become stable and powerful by doing this breathing exercise. This exercise also made me able to sing without pausing between lyrics.

2: Lip Roll
“How can I make high tone voice?” I asked my teacher. Then she taught me an exercise called “lip rolling.”

To do lip rolling, close your lips lightly and exhale, making the lips vibrate. I was surprised because I couldn’t do it. The teacher says that’s because the muscles around my lips are not strong enough so that the air will not go out at once.

Now I do lip rolling with my hands placed on my face to support my weak muscles. To hum a tune with lip rolling helps you make high tone voice without hurting your vocal cords. When I sing badly, my throat gets stuck and that makes my vocal cords hurt. With lip rolling, I can avoid that.

After a few months you will realize that your voice range has become wider and you can sing your favorite songs thanks to this lip rolling exercise. I had a song which I wanted to sing with my friend who plays the guitar. But I couldn’t sing because the song had a part that was too high for me. After exercising I became able to lip roll longer, practice making a high tone voice, and finally I could sing the song!

3: Care About What You Drink
“Is there anything that I should be careful about when singing?” I asked my teacher. She said, “It’s not about technique, but it’s better to drink WATER without the ice when singing. Milk or orange juice are not recommended because they make your throat uncomfortable.”

Of course that may depend on people, but I tried some orange juice and found that she was right. Maybe the sugar in the juice does something? I felt like clearing my throat and it was uncomfortable when singing. As for milk, fat does something to my vocal cords, too. I felt like drinking water to make my throat clear. So prepare some water when you practice singing.

With some exercise, you can sing songs with a beautiful voice that makes yourself and other people happy!

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Sanaelll is a Japanese woman, working as an acupuncture teacher for blind people. She likes to learn English and goes to an English school named FORWARD in Tokyo. There she loves learning improvisation (drama), taking photos, creating movies and singing songs with her Japanese friends.