5 Ways to Find Interesting Mystery Novels.~Pinkykei


There are so many mystery novels in the world. Life is too short to read all mystery novels. So I’ll show you how to find interesting mystery novels.

1. Focus on the Type of Mystery that evokes empathetic or sympathetic feelings.

There are many types of mystery. You should focus on the specific type of mystery that evokes empathetic or sympathetic feelings.

For example, Japan Police procedural is one of the most popular type of mystery novel because the main role is policeman who catches criminals and protects the town. But he or she also works for the boss and nation as an employee.There’re many conflicts and arguments in the organization. It’s same as our lives. So we can enjoy the realistic story.

When I read one famous Japanese Police procedural, I felt sympathy with the story and I was eager to read more and more, because the main role was an ordinary person.

He didn’t have any specific power or ability. He worked harder and harder, then found proof step by step. Also he was bothered by troublesome bosses but finally he made it with his coworkers and his people.

It’s the same as typical Japanese businessmen who work harder and make his business successful. I can imagine easily how he feels about his achievement because I’m also a typical Japanese businessman who does’t have any power or ability.

So choose the type of mystery novels that you can sympathize with.

2.Select Mystery Novels that Are Published Serially.

If you want to find an absolutely funny or interesting mystery, you should choose serial mystery novels. Serialization proves that the mystery novel has many fans. Also it indicates that there are many attractive characters in the stories.  The publisher can keep publishing the serial mystery novels because it’s popular.

For instance, if you read one of the popular serial mystery novels, you will become attached to the characters in the story.You feel like these characters are your friends. As a result, you enjoy the story more.

In my case, I focused on the story so much, that I thought I was a member of the police detective team of the story. Suddenly I asked my friends to call me “detective Keiko”. They were just laughing and ignored my offer.

Serial mystery novels insure that you can enjoy their stories for a long time.

3. Go to a Library Near Your Place.

To be economical, I recommend you to go to a library near your place. You can read many mystery novels cost-free. That’s  amazing, isn’t it?

You can borrow different mystery novels without thinking deeply about that. If the title of the novel sounds nice, or the design of the cover is good, you can try it. It is like treasure hunting. If you can find good one, it’s success. If not, you just try again.

I have kept going to the library near my place since I was 7 years old. I really like to read books so my father brought me to the library every Sunday. I spent a lot of time there.

I just choose the books with my feelings. I could meet many many fantastic novels I never saw or heard before in the library. Also I meet great mystery novels there.

A library is a wonderful adventure spot for readers who want to find fascinating mystery novels.

4.Choose an Original Novel that has been Used in T.V. Mystery Drama.

When you can’t find better one, you should try to read the original novel for TV mystery drama or mystery movies.

That means the story was chosen by a professional producer. As you know, professional producers are professional persons in the entertainment world. Whenever they feel the story is fun, many people will feel it is fun.

For example, do you know the popular Japanese mystery drama “Hanzawa Naoki”? This drama is the most popular Japanese mystery drama in 2013. It’s the mystery of a Japanese mega-bank. Many people bought the original novel for this drama, of course I’m one of them. This drama is so interesting, but the original novel is more interesting for me.

If you try to read the original novels of dramas or movies, you get a guarantee from the professional producer that the story is attractive.

5.Read the Same Writer’s Mystery Novels

Most mystery writers keep writing mystery novels. If you find one interesting mystery novel, you should keep selecting mystery novels written by the same writer.

The sense of writing mystery novels is important for you. If it fits for you, you can enjoy the book comfortably. It depends on the writer.

For me, I finished all of the mystery novels written by the writers I really like. Through this reading, I can find many interesting mystery novels. If I just concentrate on the story or types of mystery, I can’t find these books.

So if you read the same writer’s mystery novels, it’s infallible.

Let’s enjoy our reading time with great mystery novels!


Pinkykei is a PR specialist of cosmetic brands and beauty salons. She is also a ballet dancer. She is eager to practice classic ballet more and more. For her, dancing ballet is her life. She collects beautiful and lovely dresses. Her fashion icon is Brigitte Bardot (famous French actress). She often laughs because she doesn’t care about the quality of jokes. She was born in Nagoya Japan. She graduated Keio University and now lives in Tokyo. Her hobby is reading. She has been reading more than 20 novels every month since she was seven years old. Pinkykei is here because of many many wonderful friends, ballet, books and laughing.

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