DNA doesn’t matter for family.~Pinkykei


DNA doesn’t matter for family.

There are many definitions of family. NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) teaches us that family is not biology, it is about trust, and we can find family anywhere. NCIS is a  very famous and popular American police procedural TV drama series.  NCIS investigates all major crimes in the U.S. Navy.

Many men and women in Japan are single and afraid that they won’t ever have family.The economic situation in Japan isn’t good, so the young generation can’t expect their salary to become higher than now.  Men can’t have confidence to support their family because their income is not enough. In addition, many young women want to become housewives, so they want to get married to a rich guy. But there are very few single men who can support  full-time housewives in Japan. So we have to think about family again.

Family is not biology. There are many adoptions in the world. Many of them have become good families. We can make family without biology.

In NCIS, the main character Gibbs is the Senior Special Agent in Charge of the Major Case Response Team. He used to be a US marine and a very good sniper. He catches bad guys using his gut. Many difficult cases were closed by him. He is a quiet and tough person, but also he is a gentle and affectionate person. He is lonely because he lost his wife and daughter.

Gibbs and his people have made good relationships through their investigations. Gibbs takes care of his people very well, so they respect and depend on him whenever they’re involved any troubles. Their relationships have developed little by little. At first, Gibbs thought the most important thing for him is the loss of his  wife and daughter, but gradually his people became more important. It’s a kind of new family.

The new family doesn’t  care if  their family members are connected  biologically or not. Also they doesn’t care about the law. But we tend to stick to biological relationships. It’s a stupid thing. As Gibbs said in the drama, family is more than just biology.

Next, family is made by trust. The most important thing for becoming family is the tie of trust  through relationship and communication. One of Gibbs’s people Abby who is a forensics specialist working with the Major Case Response Team also feels lonely because she lost her parents. But she always thinks that Gibbs and other members are her family.

When she discovered that her parents were not her biological parents, she went to Gibbs’s home because she did not  know who she was any more. Gibbs answered that” Family’s more than just… DNA. It’s about people who care and take care of each other.” Finally he said to her “We’re family.” I was really moved and inspired by this scene. They are bound to each other by a relationship of mutual trust and love. That is family.

Finally, we can find family members anywhere. We don’t need to make our family only in our house. Our environments have been changing. There are no guarantees that we will live with a husband or children our whole lives.

We are lonely when we are born and when we die.

NCIS members found their family in the workplace. For me, I often feel lonely because I am not married and don’t have any children yet. But I’m happy because I have many wonderful friends, a good father and mother and sister, good job, and nice hobbies. Many people think I can live a good life. But I feel lonely because I haven’t made my own family. Through watching NCIS, I noticed that I have a good chance to make my family beyond DNA. Nowadays I sometimes feel Gibbs and his people are my imaginary family. In real life, I try to make good relationships with everybody in order to find my family members. Thanks a lot  NCIS.

So we don’t have to depend on DNA when we make our own family as Gibes said in the drama. We can become family with anyone through living daily life. And we can make family through our relationship of trust, the same as Gibbs and his people. Also we can find family members anywhere we want, such as our neighborhood, workplace, the community that we belong to and so on.

This case shows us  one of the best way to create our family in this era and in the near future.


Pinkykei is a PR specialist of cosmetic brands and beauty salons. She is also a ballet dancer. She is eager to practice classic ballet more and more. For her, dancing ballet is her life. She collects beautiful and lovely dresses. Her fashion icon is Brigitte Bardot (famous French actress). She often laughs because she doesn’t care about the quality of jokes. She was born in Nagoya Japan. She graduated Keio University and now lives in Tokyo. Her hobby is reading. She has been reading more than 20 novels every month since she was seven years old. Pinkykei is here because of many many wonderful friends, ballet, books and laughing.


One thought on “DNA doesn’t matter for family.~Pinkykei

  1. For Indians family is mostly about biological, all bout trust and relationship..even after the adoption , some of them stll think that they dont have good family..the concept of the family definition is different in different location and culture. you have written very well..keep going ..this is a hi from Indian. I am also a blogger, but in my native language..I have just seen your blog link in one Facebook link.. I always try to read english as part of my language learning…

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