The 4 reasons to go to Hawaii.~Pililaniayu


Are you thinking where to go on your next trip? If you’re interested in going abroad, I recommend you to go to Hawaii!

1) You can enjoy a lot of places

When we stay in Hawaii for a few days, what can we do there? Only sightseeing? Of course, it’s interesting and we might have a wonderful experience. But if we also can enjoy other things, that trip might be more memorable.

You tend to imagine you can only enjoy the beach while reading a book or diving in Hawaii with dolphins and turtles, but this is not all. There’re a lot of tourist spots like vortexes, zoos or ranches and shopping places, restaurants and so on. You can do yoga on the beach in the morning and have brunch at a beachside restaurant, then drive to a few spots with a beautiful view. Don’t forget to see the sunset over the sea! You don’t need to worry. You can enjoy Hawaii even if you can’t swim in the sea.

2) Hawaii is safe and kind for visitors

There’re so many tourists from all over the world in Hawaii. Especially the Waikiki area in Oahu. Most people are visitors. So everyone enjoys the slow life and feels pleasure while staying in Hawaii together. So there is less trouble and accidents there. Then in a restaurant, for example, you will see that a menu is prepared in a few languages and shop staff members might speak Japanese a little. And some Japanese tour companies are there and a lot of Japanese are working in Hawaii. So don’t worry if you can’t speak English. They always help you to have a wonderful trip.

3) You can enjoy the warm weather

In Hawaii, all year is warm. So it’s very comfortable for you to spend your time whenever you go. And there is less chance to cancel your plan due to rain. If it should rain, it will stop quickly. Warm weather makes you relax, let go and open your heart. You can forget any negative feelings or things and get energy to be positive more and more when you see the beautiful nature in Hawaii!!

4) You will keep coming back

After your first trip to Hawaii, you will feel you want to go there again so quickly. And if you can visit again, you’ll realize there is no big change of landscape in Hawaii. It makes you feel more comfortable than you expect.

Can you imagine how pleasurable it is to see the same landscape when we visit there the first time and second time even years later? Busy city life sometimes makes you tired, because time passes quickly when you’re busy. And also a lot of restaurant or shop names are often changed and high buildings are constructed a lot in a short time. Those changes in view make us tired and feel the time so quickly.

But when we go to Hawaii, always the same landscape is waiting for us! The change is needed in your life, but no change is needed for your break!!


Pililaniayu is working for one of the biggest trading companies in Japan. She has been learning English at Forward English school in Japan since May, 2011 and is also a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to be a Holistic health coach.
She loves everything good for health, cooking and trips abroad, especially Hawaii!


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