3 Ways to Predict Your Future.~ForwardHana


Future predictions are becoming a trend. Many books which have the title such as “The world in 2050” have been published recently. How can you predict your future? Forwardhana shows practical ways to predict your future.

1. Find a Starting Point in History

The starting point in history is always fundamental to predict our future. I need to study bookkeeping and accounting to implement accounting systems. Now accounting principles are being standardized to IFRS  (International Financial Reporting Standards) globally. (IFRS is a common global language in accounting, like English.) But it’s has not been applied in Japan. In this case, you need to find the starting point of accounting principle history before you can predict future accounting standards. You can find two accounting methods: Civil Law and Common Law. Civil Law was developed in Western Europe, Common Law was developed in England and America. America has their own accounting standard “GAAP”. In this way, you can predict future accounting standards as follows: IFRS cannot only be the global standard because there are two accounting methods historically.

2. Imagine What Is the Best Future

What kind of future would you like to have? Don’t worry if your ideas are too idealistic. Just imagine what you expect in the world. For instance, the Tokyo olympics are going to be held in 2020. Imagine what is the best Tokyo olympics. I’d like Japanese to speak English without hesitation. And I hope everyone can be confident to introduce our country’s strengths. I was also really hesitant to speak English when I started working. Some people have already given up speaking. But I believe these people have to speak English because they have incredible talents. My senior co-worker who has a great career and communication skill said to me, “I will change my job if my current job requires me to speak English”. I strongly oppose his opinion because he might throw his career away because of just an English problem. I hope the Japanese won’t miss this olympic opportunity to spread great ideas all over the world! Imagination overcomes everything. You can predict your future so your dreams come true:-)!

3. Find the Examples from Other Countries

Real examples always help our predictions. Look at other countries! They have other backgrounds but why don’t the same things happen in every country? Are you satisfied with the current Japanese marriage system? If not, why don’t you look at other countries? You can find PACS system in France. In France, a civil solidarity pact (French: pacte civil de solidarité), commonly known as a PACS (pronounced: [paks]), is a form of civil union between two adults (same-sex or opposite-sex) for organising their joint life. It brings rights and responsibilities, but less so than marriage. Common-Law couples will be happy if PACS is introduced in Japan! Japan is facing serious working population shortages. Hiroki Komazaki, a representative of NPO “Florence”  has already suggested this idea. So it might happen in the near future!



 Forwardhana is a professional who has the accounting and IT business expert skills gained through experience. She understands the needs of the business and will bring it into reality. She is Japanese, but she once stopped her career to study something new at Shanghai Caijing university. However English is still essential for her career even if she studied Chinese. She found English school “FORWARD” to be able to communicate with English speakers.

 In her spare time, she enjoys sports such as trail running, road running, futsal and basketball. She also loves art works such as photography, video making and improvisational drama.

 Her e-book is published by photographer in FORWARD school. She produced the e-book to support Japanese learners who would like to able to speak Chinese. These e-books are all in collaboration with petite-lettre.  


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