3 Ways for Busy Working Mothers to Communicate with their Children.~Taki Shiroza


1. Spending your bath time with your children for stress-free communication.

If you can have a nice and relaxing bath time with your children, you can have good communication with them, because they will be very talkative in the bath tub. Good communication means your children can talk about their true feelings from the bottom of their heart and the mother can feel that she has enough time to hear their voice.
Because at bath time, everyone can be very relaxed and can be together face to face, and bath time is almost always at night time, at the end of the day, so children have a lot of things they want to talk about with mother before going to bed. At my daily bath time, my 10 year old son, sometimes talks about his day, such as having quarrels with his
friends in his school life. He usually does not report to me about negative troubles like this. And my 6 years old daughter often sings her favorite songs which she learned at school, because she loves music. I feel very happy to know the details of their daily lives because I usually cannot see their school lives, and understand their actual daily feelings. So by spending relaxing and easy bath time with your children, you can understand their daily situation much more deeply by conversation with them and become able to feel
their growth day by day.

2. Going to bed with them, because they can feel very relieved by sleeping next to their mother.

If you can go to bed with your children, all of you can spend a very long time close together. All of you can feel each other very closely during the night. Of course, mother can wake up earlier than them in the morning, because they’re usually sleeping very deeply in the early morning. To feel close to each other makes children and mother get relieved and release stress. This is because originally children and mother were connected because children were born from their mother, so both of them can feel home-like while they’re feeling close to each other. Both of you can feel warmness and
breathing next to each other. If your children toss and turn while sleeping, the mother may react to them in some way like stroking their backs or kissing them on their foreheads. This kind of closeness and feeling of attachment is very important for children’s growth and mother’s stability as a mother, I think. For example, after my very long business trip abroad, I feel very relaxed and relieved by spending the night sleeping with them. If I refuse to go to bed with them, they beg me to come. You can use the night time with your children as a good opportunity for being close.

3. Sharing hobby with them.

To spend the time doing the same hobby with your children will make you happy in your busy life. Even if you’re a busy working mother, you need your own hobby on weekends or weekday nights. If you found the same hobby with your children or succeeded to lead them to have the same hobby with you, you’re so lucky and can have fruitful and precious time with them. Because while doing the same hobby, you can laugh with each other, feel inspired by each other, learn from each other, challenge each other, complement each other, and drive each other like true friends. They may need their own hobbies or their own worlds when they get older, but their common experiences with parents in their childhood will help them establish their self-confidence. Or you may be able to keep enjoying the same hobby with your children during all of your life. If so, you will be very lucky and happy. In my case, with my 6 year old daughter, we play piano together every night. Our piano teacher provides us with lots of piano scores for four hands ( 2 people’s performance). So we practice them together very peacefully and have an opportunity for piano concert once a year every spring. With my 10 year old son, my husband has the same hobby with him, such as baseball, fishing, and Shogi ( Japanese chess). They look so happy doing those things together and my daughter and I are also happy to see them. Sharing a hobby with your children will make you so happy during your off time.



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