3 Lessons We Can Learn from Salsa Dancing.~Kengo Shibasaki


1)    Don’t be shy

When I stated Salsa, I was very shy, and couldn’t dance with others. At Salsa club, I was sometimes reluctant to ask ladies to dance due to being shy. When I decided finally to ask, the lady had already agreed to danced with other men, and lost to dance with her. In your life, if you are shy and reluctant to ask for date with a person who you love, you definitely can’t get the person. Again, if you are shy, you will miss the opportunity to dance with others, that can’t make you dance better, nor can’t make you happier. If you want to enjoy dancing and improve your skills, you should never be shy to dance with others. You need to ask others to dance with you directly. Don’t worry even if you can’t dance well.

2)    Practicing Basic Salsa Steps

Salsa’s basic step is very easy to do. Just 4 steps. Left Foot Forward, Right Foot back, Left Foot to Left, and Right Foot to Right. If you can keep the 4 steps matching with the music (rhythm), you can dance salsa. But due to the easy steps, we always stop practicing the basic steps, and want to practice more difficult steps. The basic steps become boring for beginners. As most beginners stops practicing the basic steps, I also stopped it, and tried to do the more difficult steps. But I could not enjoy dancing and could not improve  as well. I wondered why and found that I would need more practice of the basic steps. So, I practiced only the basic steps for 3 months, and after 3 months, my dance drastically changed and I could enjoy dancing salsa. When you start something, you should not skip the basics.

3)    Dancing with Simile

When you dance with others, you should dance with a smile. If you dance with a simile, you look like you are enjoying dancing, and you can make your dance partner happier and enjoy. For instance, when you talk to someone, but they don’t smile you, what do you think ?  Don’t you think the person dosen’t like you ?  Or won’t talk to you ? As with conversation without a smile, the dance with a smile is important. When I could not dance very well, I was dancing with considering for how to lead the partner, how to step, and that made me dance without a smile, and made me look boring. So, even if you dance very well, you should dance with a smile and make the partner enjoy. I don’t dance with a salsa beginner, but if she dances with a smile, I am glad to dance with her, because I feel happy to dance with her.


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