3 Ways to Beat Other’s Evaluation

Judgemental girls

1. Believe in yourself, that’s enough. 

My 90 year-old great grand mother’s sister said to me after I asked her opinion the other day,”You can decide things for yourself.Why not?You must know your own answer before you consulted with someone.Believe in yourself and your own decision.” I respect her so much that it was an honor for me to get these words from her.Then I felt that I didn’t have to be worried about other’s evaluations any more.Since then,I believe the value called “good” should be found for oneself.

Why do some people like me have difficulty  believing ourselves?We are used to being judged by our status or rank in school,the workplace or results on the spot,which makes us nervous.As a result,more serious people are nervous in order to be “good”   in their life choices and gradually lose their confidence in their choices at the same time.It’s helpful to have your belief accepted by someone who you really respect and like in order to restore confidence.

Again,if you can believe in your possibility,I think your own decision will become the best one.

2. Focus your attention on what you’re doing

Believing in yourself means to focus your efforts on  what you’re doing and keep worries away from your heart.Some experts tell us that results will appear ten years later at least ,so if you focus on what your’re doing now,then you can naturally find your own answer.

However,we have many distractions when we try to focus on what we’re doing.For example,experts can be one of these distractions. Even though nobody has the correct answer,we have to explain reasons and goals logically to experts.We feel our decision will be impossible to achieve unless we deliver our thoughts logically.Also,choosing a given option from them is much easier to take and looks more convincing than doing what we believe is right.Concentration on our current action is tough for us especially when our advisers are against our plan.However,If you believe the result will come 10 year later,you should only pay attention to what you’re doing now.

I think one of the easiest ways to beat other’s evaluation is to keep what you believe is right for a long time so that you can get away from the noises of others.

 3. Imagine what you want to be 10 years later

Lastly,I want to emphasize that humans have unbelievable possibility through our imagination.We can expand our talents through our imagination.This can help us to get over someone’s evaluation.

Let me give my personal experience.I’m a nursing student.I’m leaving my college in a year and will go back to my school next year,because I need time to approach what I want to be 10 years later. I need to go and learn what happens in my field abroad in order to tackle the elderly nursing problems here in Japan.

I clearly remember that I wanted to help nursing society better by learning nursing care systems from over the world when I entered the college.My idea was too vague and too optimistic at that time but now I’ve gradually felt the gap between what I learn in textbook and what actually happens in medical practice since I started to research these problems and talk with some innovative nurses and doctors.

I asked to myself,”if I miss my honest feelings and just keep following the trend,can I achieve my goal?The answer is “No. I will be exhausted and give up my career as a nurse just like many nurses.I need to see and meet the people who’re doing social innovation and consider how I can work for elderly people suffering between welfare.”

I recommend to imagine what you want to be next month,next year and the next decade.This will give you your own answer.


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