5 Ways to Make Good Communication with Difficult Female Bosses


There is so much communication in our lives. If we have jobs, we have to communicate with our bosses, subordinates, and clients. If we’re students, we must communicate with other students and teachers. Of course, we make contact with our families, friends, and neighbors. And we meet some difficult people in our daily lives. No one can escape from them to varying degrees. Sometimes we’re bothered by difficult people and feel bad.

But if we can find a good way to communicate with them, our lives will become easier and happier. Especially in business, we can make good results if we can communicate with difficult bosses better. In Japan, there are many difficult female bosses. Not only female but also male subordinates are harassed by difficult female bosses. I don’t want to say these kind of things because I’m also a woman, but unfortunately the ratio of difficult female bosses is much higher than male bosses in business. I had many experiences with making good communication with difficult female bosses and my business was successful. So I’ll share with you how to communicate with difficult female bosses.


  1. Keep smiling and greeting, especially morning greeting.

At first, we have to keep smiling and greeting our difficult female bosses. The morning greeting is the most important because they tend to be in a bad mood in the morning. Maybe they’re already tired when they arrive at their offices because of a traffic jam, crowded trains, or something. Therefore we must greet them every day. Probably they don’t reply, but it’s ok. If we keep doing this, they will feel sorry for us. This is the first step to make a good relationship with them. When I worked at the cosmetics company, I had two difficult female bosses. They were always late every morning, so they felt bad and ignored their subordinates. After several months, most subordinates didn’t greet them anymore. But I always greeted them with a smile. For a while they became tender to me and sometimes agreed with my business opinions easier than usual. One day they got angry about greeting suddenly and blamed their subordinates without me. It’s really good for my business.


  1. Treat them as same as a client, not a boss of same company.

Why are we confused about difficult female bosses? Perhaps they often change their opinions and judgment, and become emotional too much. We feel they are not logical, fair, and calm in their business judgment. But think about our clients. Some of them made a business decision hard to understand. Even though we can accept them because they’re clients. So we should treat our difficult female bosses the same as clients. If we can contact them like clients, not our bosses, we can control our feelings. It’s also good for our business success. From my experience, I made the business proposal using Microsoft Word because it was easy to make, and I thought it was enough for our internal meeting. But my boss rejected my proposal because she disliked reading Word Files including many characters. Then I made the same proposal again with Microsoft PowerPoint like a proposal for a client. Soon she approved my proposal and my business plan went through.


  1. Become a trainer of wild animals

Whenever we communicate with difficult female bosses, we should imagine we are a trainer of wild animals. If we are trainers of wild animals, we must train them very carefully because wild animals are so dangerous and have strong power. Wild animals are always stronger than human beings. There is no reason, it’s just true. Think about difficult female bosses. They are much stronger than normal human beings. No one can battle them without special weapons (If you’re a very good looking guy, you have a special weapon.) They sometimes act violently without logical reason. So we think difficult female bosses are wild animals. They are stronger than us. We have to accept it and take care of them very carefully. That is one of the best ways to protect ourselves from them. My co-workers and friends say me “you are the best trainer of wild animals”. Because I had many difficult female bosses. They were famous because of their work, power, and difficult characters. It’ so tough to work with them. But I thought they were totally different from us. This way of thinking worked for me and I could manage my feelings . Finally I could get business success and they praised me.


  1. Never angry, stay calm.

We sometimes get in trouble because of difficult female bosses. Through these bitter experiences, we tend to lose our temper eventually. But it doesn’t solve anything. In these situations, we have to stay calm and never get angry with them. If we get angry with them, they will also be angry with us and accuse of us. We can’t win our bosses because they have much more power than ours. If we want to keep working at our company, we have to bear with them. I will share with you my bitter experience. One day I went to the studio to interview and shoot a magazine ad with my boss. But my boss didn’t show up there. I called her many times, but she didn’t answer. I and the advertising company’s staffs were confused because we couldn’t progress without her. Two hours later, she arrived. I lost my temper and accused of her. She got really angry with me because I argued with her logically. The next day she began to reject all of my business proposals and she ordered me to remake business documents again and again without any reason. It didn’t make any sense for my business career. Sometimes we just have to calm down and never get angry.


  1. We can’t choose our bosses, but we can live.

Just like we can’t choose our parents, we can’t choose our bosses. It depends on our luck. But through our business lives, we can meet good bosses, too. Our business lives are not so short. If we work until retirement age, it’s almost 40years. There are good things and bad things. So if we have to work under difficult female bosses, we don’t have to become pessimistic. Of course it’s hard for us spend long hours with them, but we can learn how to act as good bosses. And we won’t die if we have difficult bosses. Life is wonderful. We can enjoy our lives even if we have difficult female bosses.

In my case, I had so many difficult female bosses through my job. Looking back on my years with my difficult female bosses, it was like completing video games. First, I met a small boss. After beating the boss, I met the next one. As I improved my career, my difficult female boss also improved her career and became much stronger than before. I’ll have to keep playing these games until I can beat the final boss. I could learn many things through these games. I could get high quality communication skills. I could deal with difficult clients. I could solve many problems between people. Finally I got so many business skills. It has made good results in my life. People think that I have special communication skills. Many friends ask me for advice to make good relationships. I can help many friends, so I’m happy. It depends on how we think.


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